Flip your perspective

21 Mar
First inversion attempt ever

First inversion attempt ever

This is a photo of my first inversion attempt last fall. Oh the things we fearlessly did as kids. If we fell, we laughed. We hurdled ourselves down grassy hills intentionally so that we’ll roll at 30 mph and almost barf. We wore our skinned knees as badges of honor. Well, maybe not all girls did, but I was kind of a hot mess like that.

OK, cut to last fall. I follow all of these masterful yogis on Instagram doing crazy inversions, and I thought “I should really post something other than me doing downward dog.” So I gave myself some sort of weird pep-talk a la Rocky, and went for it. It looks so simple in retrospect, but it was one of those first defining moments.

“I’m upside down. I did this, I did this. Wow my head kinda hurts. I’m so… proud… of myself.” Then I think I tried doing a full headstand against the wall and almost smooshed the nosy cat. Baby steps. Upside down baby steps.

Peace out!


2 Responses to “Flip your perspective”

  1. luisayogini March 25, 2013 at 9:22 pm #

    Amazing pose! I know what you mean! I do the “Rocky pep talk too.”

    • katiemwallen March 26, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

      Thank you so much! I try not to do the Rocky fist-pump, boxing step dance move in class but I definitely do at home 🙂

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