“Where are the baby pigeons?!”

23 Mar

30 Rock was one of the most clever shows. Like watching a live-action, snarky cartoon train wreck. Kenneth was my favorite, and this line from the series finale had me in tears laughing:

30 Rock: "Where are the baby pigeons?"

So imagine a quiet yoga studio with everyone doing their nice ocean-sound-breathing and the next pose is pigeon. I seriously have to stifle laughter because this is all I can think of.

I know pigeon is one of those love-it-or-hate-it poses (based on my scientific research of listening to people either groan in exasperation or sigh happily with relief in class). My & my hips love pigeon. That is, until I tried lifting my leg up. Turns out my quads aren’t nearly as flexible as my hips! I’m still working on it in these two variations. Ya like my green shag 70’s rug? SWAG!

Pigeon, with a strap

Pigeon, with a strap

Pigeon, no strap

Peace out!


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