Hey I’m Katie. Welcome to my Newbie Yogi blog! This is a place for me to share insight about my newbie yoga practice and meditation, to log silly photos of me trying new asanas,  and hook you up with some rad recipes.

Yoga with Kitty

Upward bow / wheel prep, with nosy Kitty

Yoga: I started practicing yoga in September 2012 at a wonderful, close-knit studio in my little ‘burb. About a week in, I realized I’d found something I’ve been looking for & needing that I didn’t even know I needed it. Yoga pushes out of my comfort zone (physically, mentally, emotionally) and it’s something that is just “mine.” No-one can practice for you. I had spinal surgery in Dec 2011 due to an injury at the gym. After physical therapy ended & I was back to normal life, I didn’t know how to get back in shape without further injury. I thought yoga would be a gentle way to ease back in. I came to my mat with my head full of the tape-loop saying: “Maybe you shouldn’t try (name any heart opener or backbend or twist), it could hurt your back.” It was my tagline for my life the whole year prior. Letting go of that was the biggest step I took in my practice. I’m deciding right now to not even mention surgery again in this blog.

Wonderful, bearded husband

Wonderful, bearded husband

Nom Nom: We LOVE to eat, and I LOVE to cook. My darling bearded husband and I started eating caveman-style (paleo) about the same time I started yoga. Paleo is typically associated with the he-man/she-ra, tire-dragging Crossfit folks. But it’s a perfect fit for us and I continue to learn how my body responds to food. I nom on veggies, meat, fruits, nuts, anything made of coconut in any format, Thai/Indian, and anything slathered with Sriracha. We’re about 99% gluten free and also avoid other grains (rice, etc).

Other Stuff: I’m a 3rd generation Florida native. My husband is a philosophy student and is brilliant (check out his blog if you want to have your mind blown). We have 2 knucklehead cats who may make cameo appearances. I tend to narrate what I’m doing in song format.

I’m not much of a Sanskrit/Namaste kinda chick, so… PEACE OUT!

Ah! A bear!

Is it still behind me?! It’s unbearable!


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